Online Paper Generator

Paper Maker is a software to assist the School Management in Generating Question Papers for all type of Exams. It allows you to generate the paper Manually/Automatically by selecting Lessons/Chapters of your required Subject. We have added a lot of data of question bank for Objective/Subjective type of Examination. You can select multi types of questions as per your requirement. Such as:

  • MCQs Questions
  • Columns Matching Question
  • Numerical/Practical Questions
  • Short Questions
  • Long Questions
  • Fill in Blanks
  • True / False Statements
  • Translation/Poem related Questions
  • Comprehension Paragraphs

Initially, we have added data related to the Punjab Curriculum & Text Book Board (PCTB). You can generate paper by choosing questions manually by selecting chapters & question types. You can also generate the paper automatically by commanding the software. In this option, system will select questions itself & generate paper for you. You can generate papers from play to (According to SNC)